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Fruit pulp production line, 8T/hr ( peaches, apricots, plums…)

Complete line to produce fruit pulps and purees, mainly for stones fruits ( apricots, peaches, plums…)

Capacity: 8.000 kgs / hour

  • Washer
  • Inspection roller belt
  • Elevating belt
  • 2 x Pellaccini roll pitters
  • Pellaccini knife mill
  • Hopper with 2 x screw pumps to transfer the pulp
  • 2 x pulpers for stones with one transfer pump
  • Screw conveyor for stones
  • 1 x vertical turboextractor with buffer tank and screw pump
  • Screw conveyor for waste
  • 1 x Manzini turbopulper, double stage
  • 2 x screw pumps
  • Sacome enzymatic desactivator with buffer tank, screw pump and control panel with digital touch screen



Complete line for fruit pulp production, 8T/H